I should have posted this a few weeks ago. Things have been a bit hectic, though it's not an excuse. So, the very cool  J.T. aka Bibliofreak totally gave me the G for Gorgeous in the BINGO award. My blog, gorgeous? Hell ya! I am feeling so loved by my book blogging family. So what is BINGO?


And now I pass this on to...
B:Ari @ Reading In Color
I:Susan @ ColorOnline
N:Gavin @ Page247
G:Rhapsody In Books
O:In Spring It Is the Dawn

This one was shared with me by Tea at Summer Travel and Reading Fun and Grace at Books Like Breathing and Nikola at Nikola's Book Blog. I'm passing this on to...

Elena @ WithExtraPulp
Susan @ Black Eyed Susans
Jodie @ Book Gazing

Thanks for sending me more love that I can spread around.


09/29/2009 12:01pm

Outstanding, really? Wow, thank you!! You've made my day! :)

09/29/2009 1:46pm

That is so amazingly nice of you! Thank you very much!!!

09/29/2009 4:34pm

Congratulations and thank you lovely :)

09/30/2009 12:53pm

Yay thanks so much! I love little stuff like this :)

09/30/2009 6:18pm

Thank you, BrownGirl! Neighborly..that is lovely. Congratulations on your awards!

09/30/2009 6:23pm

And thanks for the introduction to Bibliofreak. Awesome blog!

09/30/2009 8:37pm

Aw thanks so much! Your blog is SO GORGEOUS :)

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