This is a meme featuring links to some of the more thoughtful posts around the brown blogosphere. Tired of all the fluff on many blogs? BrownGirl is helping you sift through the bullsh*t and find the posts doing some real talk. Check 'em out and reply with equally thoughtful comments.

* Renina of New Model Minority has some pointed thoughts when it comes to a woman's autonomy in public and patriarchy's influence and interference. Her piece was born from a re-reading of Cynthia Grant Bowman's Harvard Law Review article entitled, "Street Harrassment and the Informal Ghettoization of Women."


The Hyper Marginalization of Black Fiction
- the brief book list she started in the post alone is worth a peek.

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* Here's what's probably the month's most debatable post: Meeting Girls Where They Are at the Crunk Feminist Collective. CF Chanel points out Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj as possible jumping off points for introducing our little sisters to feminism.

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* This question of the week posed at For Colored Gurls regarding college educated stay-at-home-moms struck a nerve. Why do so many think that a woman becoming a SAHM nullifies her degree? I need more of degree holding SAHMs to respond to this one.

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This month's blog discoveries:

All Day Natural
(natural/green/organic lifestyle)- Alicia blogs about wholistic health, natural hair, and healthy eateries to visit while traveling just name a few. 
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Savvy Brown
(natural/green/organic/frugal lifestyle) - Savvy shares great tips on how to live a more natural lifestyle without going broke.
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Repeating Islands
(culture/arts/African diaspora) - News and commentary on Caribbean culture, literature, and the arts

African Diaspora, Ph.D (history/African diaspora) - Scholarship ad the field of Atlantic African diaspora history
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For years my diet has included little variety in meats. I adopted a poultry only diet over a decade ago. It wasn't reasons of faith or health. I was simply tired of pork and red meat. Pork was always the evil white meat. In southern cuisine, the fat isn't usually trimmed thus making it a major contributor to high blood pressure and cholesterol. In my late teens, the thought of a pork chop taking years of my life wasn't appealing, so, at 17 I was officially over eating a pig's ass. About a year later, red meat got the boot as I had had my fill of burger combos. It was considered eccentric and avant garde down South. When I'd have to reveal that I didn't eat red meat or pork, I was always met with "Oh, so you're a vegetarian?" I offended many when I'd joke that southerners think that the only sources of meat are the cow and the pig. How they forget chicken is beyond me.

Fast forward 10 years and I have a son who's 2 years old. He consumed a little meat for awhile but slowly began to eat it less and less. The family was cool with it until we all realized the kid's a vegetarian. Time went on and by 3 or 4 years of age, Zion completely refused meat. I was absolutely fine with it. I actually thought it was kinda neat that he seemed to innately be a herbivore. I also saw the value from an economical viewpoint: the boy won't eat me out of house and home. The family though was a little resistant to the idea. They felt it was too early in his life to make such an assessment.  Of course, I said no, we're gonna roll with it. And we have, right into year 7. He's got to be the healthiest kid on the planet. He loves everything healthy. I've never seen a kid get excited over homemade veggie soup. Over the last 5 years I've often thought if only I loved vegetables more, I'd be a veg head too. That's right, I do not like veggies. Well, very few. So, no I was of no influence on my son's vegetarianism. However, he did influence me.

Now, rewind to about a month ago. I ditched meat altogether. Normally, I would not reveal this kinda thing while it's still so new because I'd hate to admit if I have a relapse. After almost a year of feeling like I was dying a slow obese death, I got a Wii and began to exercise and great changes have occurred. My energy has improved and little aches and pains have faded. Then I joined Weight Watchers. It's been enlightening. I always thought I didn't eat much but I see that it was the quality and not the quantity that affected my weight. The next change I knew was necessary for the lifestyle I've been molding for me and my family was to become a vegetarian. So far, I've only craved chicken once. I do still eat some fish which the jury seems to still be out on whether or not it's actually meat. So, for those who wanna get technical I might be called a pescetarian.

I'm excited about the person I'm becoming. It's true that your 30's are about getting over the BS. And I'm sooo over so many things. I'm about longevity- mind, body and spirit. And today when someone asks me if I'm a vegetarian, with an introspective smile I say: "Yes."