Soldier of Love is scheduled for release February 8, 2010. I am stupid excited about this. I just told my parents about a month ago that her wikipedia mentioned she was working on something. I had no idea it was nearly finished. I have a sneaking suspicion that this upcoming Valentine's Day will be one of mass conception.

My old blog buddies and IRL friends can see that I've made a change with my blog. I went around and around with myself for months trying to figure out what to do with my old blog. Because blogsome sucks, I couldn't move it over to another host. I've loved this web host for awhile since I use it for my business website also. So, here I am and without any baggage. I've decided to not dwell on the past and move forward with blogging. I've got things set up just how I want-- finally. Here, I'll blog about all my randomness-- music, hair, etsy finds that make me swoon, and the cool kids. Meanwhile, if anyone's interested, I blog hardcore about books here and about homeschooling the kid here. As you can see, I have it all neatly packaged in one box.