The kid, the Mr., and I checked out the first annual GreenUp Memphis fest on Saturday. It was on the same grounds as the Memphis Farmers Market. I rarely ever go to that farmers market since it's clear across town from my domain. It was chilly, windy morning but sunny. There weren't many vendors out. Mostly they were folks peddling their homemade wares. The Overton High School Jazz Band provided some splendid tunes for the event. I was really hoping for more eco-friendly product vendors especially household products. At one booth were some ladies representing an optional school who, after my husband told them we homeschool, still asked us to visit the school.  I will say that they were very sweet to my son as they helped him repurpose a soda can into a "ghost". Hopefully this will truly be annual and will improve next year. Attendance was very modest as it may have been competing with Race For the Cure. 

Here are my two cents on improving the festival:

* Get a sponsor like Target to donate reusable bags for attendees and to explain those awesome new color coded recycling containers they have in their stores. This would be a great teaching moment for kids on recycling things besides paper, aluminum, and glass.

* Get more vendors marketing eco-friendly household products like programmable thermostats, food grade stainless steel water bottles, linens made from sustainable materials (i.e. bamboo), rain water barrels, tankless water heaters, etc.

* Have demonstrations on repurposing common items, composting, container gardening, etc. 

Again, I'd love to see this become a super event for Memphis and get my fellow residents moving to a more sustainable lifestyle. Thumbs up for the effort Memphis. 

While it wasn't completely what I hoped for, we did leave with a few spoils-- Muscadine Jelly, (local) creamed cinnamon honey, and some beautiful tomatoes