Friday I attended my monthly home school group meeting and we focused on healthy eating. Our host prepared a variety of treats like fresh salad, baked brie, and homemade hummus. I brought some of my own homemade granola. After we feasted, we watched the documentary Food Inc. This documentary I implore everyone to see. I think it should  be shown not only in individual households but also, in schools and churches to educate people where and how the meat they consume gets from the farm to the grocery stores. It is not an easy film to watch but a little gagging is worth the eye-opening experience and the knowledge anyone would take away. I've already been slowly phasing out the few meats (poultry) I consume to match my son's vegetarian diet and the lasting images and stories from Food Inc. are making it easier. We all ave to know and understand that four corporations control a majority of the meat industry. We have to know and understand that because they have so little concern for consumers that they will have their meat sources bred and harvested in such deplorable conditions that they lead to massive e. coli outbreaks which can and have been deadly. We have to know that the farmers these companies employ are basically modern-day sharecroppers as some of them take on exorbitant loans that their meager salaries will never allow them to pay off in a lifetime. But don't think that this documentary is a ploy to undermine the meat industry as you'll not only see unethical farming and harvesting by some major corporations but also, ethical and humane practices by smaller indie farmers. It's simply about educating us consumers on making informed choices when we shop for meat and to use our voice-dollars-to demand change. The film also goes a bit into the use of soybeans and corn. The corn segment should shed light on why we suddenly have commercials touting the consumption of high fructose corn syrup is fine "in moderation". I call FOUL on that, but I'll let you be your own judge. So, please strongly consider viewing the documentary which is currently available at Netflix on DVD and instant stream and through the official website for hosting school viewings.


03/14/2010 8:17pm

Thank you for posting this. My husband watched Food, Inc. and hasn't touched meat since then (since January). Knowing how animals get treated and really seeing the cruelty and the uncleanliness in the whole process made him changes his ways, plus he wants to avoid meat for health issues (inflammation). I already was basically a vegetarian.

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