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This is how the kid gets down at dinner time.
earth foods: sweet potato, mixed veggies
earth foods: quinoa, asparagus, baby carrots
My mom and I attended the Sisterhood Showcase this past weekend. As far as I know, neither of us had ever been and it's been an annual Memphis event for 16 years. We didn't sit in on any workshops or demonstrations. We didn't watch the fashion show other than a brief glances. We didn't even stay for Johnny Gill. I know, what the heck did we do? We indulged this commodities fest and perused the numerous aisles filled with vendors. There were colleges hoping to get some new college loan dollars, hydrotherapy massagers, a plethora of costume jewelry, and a host of other wares being peddled. In the midst of this "showcase", there was one special vendor I nearly missed.

At first, I totally dissed Kimmie when she asked if we'd like to talk to her about LcB Nail Lacquer. Well, I just told her "no thanks". My mom, however, stopped and I'm glad she did. LcB Nail Lacquer, according to Kimmie, came from a negative place of a family member being called cruel names as a child. The negativity has been reappropriated into 12 beautiful shades of nail polish sans DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. Kimmie demonstrated on her hands and ours any and every color we wanted to see. They're all so pretty and compliment both my chocolate brown and my mom's honey vanilla skin tones. We were both so delighted with our final choices and to have patronized a business owned and operated by Black women. LcB Nail Lacquer was our final stop and what a lovely note to end our afternoon of shopping on. 

Last night, I finally got a chance to polish my tootsies in my new favorite color: U Blue U Black, an tranquil, ocean-y blue  . And look forward to trying out my other shade choice of Lil Sista, a cool, vibrant tangerine. Do check out their website and order a bottle...or two.